Bequest Language

Planning for the future and creating the legacy you wish to leave is one of the most effective ways to ensure a lasting impact. Making a gift in your will or living trust, known as a bequest, can guarantee that your legacy endures. Your gift may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the remainder after all other provisions are specified.

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Below is suggested language to use when drafting your bequest.

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Sample Language

For an unrestricted gift that allows the University of South Florida Foundation, Inc. to determine how to use the funds based on the most pressing needs, use the following language for your will and/or trust:

"I give, devise, and bequeath (insert dollar amount or percentage of the residue/all of the residue of my estate) to the University of South Florida Foundation, Inc., a non-profit direct support organization of the University of South Florida for the purpose of (insert specific purpose or college if applicable). If the University of South Florida Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors determines that all or part of the gift cannot be used in the manner set forth, then the Board may direct that the gift be used for other University of South Florida purposes that will most nearly accomplish my wishes.
The University of South Florida Foundation is instructed to apply for and to take maximum advantage of all state of Florida matching fund programs in existence at my death for which this gift may qualify, including programs not in effect at the time of execution of this Will and Testament. I recognize that the University of South Florida Foundation cannot warrant State of Florida matching funds in future years."

If you have named the University of South Florida Foundation, Inc. in your will or trust, please let us know so we can ensure that your gift is used according to your wishes. Notifying us of your plans will enable us to plan for the use of your future gift. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will keep your name and gift in strict confidence.

Please contact the Gift Planning Team at 813-974-8761 or for more information.